​​A.R.E. YOU?



A bit about myself...
Born and raised in a small town in Manitoba. As a teen I moved to Winnipeg. I lived there till the age of 41. Ended up in Vancouver because I could not do one more freezing cold Winnipeg winter.

The here and now...

I have been an Entrepreneur since 1992. My original company was up and running till 2014 when I made the move to B.C.
During that time I began a second business that has taken over for the 1st.
Now, I love to support Entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

There is nothing I love more than helping people realize their dreams. Get to know themselves better and gain clarity around their next steps to success!

 A key word is FREEDOM. Free from negative self talk, free of judgement as well as outdated belief systems that can keep us in a painfull loop.

I have a background in Clinical hypnotherapy, counseling, coaching, and nutrition.

Let me tell you why I've developed a business around performance.
Through my life I have put many obstacles in my way, as we tend to .
We have all had challenges in our lives, that alone does not make me special. What does is the way I have dealt with them. I have taken my many hurdles and learned everything I could from them (and continue to do so.)

Warning, this is not a cookie cutter approach, you will need to dig deep.. I am so passionate about the importance of having our mind on our side(self-talk.) 

After all, it's widely known that the only thing in your way is YOU! 

It's time to give back. Using many modalities I am moving forward in my desire to be of service.Today when working with clients we develop a plan to express their authentic self in life and business. Ensuring it's their best version that shines through, according to their wants and needs.

I use a unique approach to find out who you REALLY are, where you want to be. 
Coaching without changing the belief system (done in hypnosis when needed) is an uphill battle. Hypnosis without a follow up plan(coaching) is only half a plan.
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MEMBER OF IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists )
IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association)
CCF (Certifided Coaches Federation)