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IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association)
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Susan W.

Johanna H.

Bev P.

    Medical Intuitive   
The week following my session with Julie felt like the start of a major shift and everything just for together! go ahead, try something new if you're looking for a shift.
After having several hypnotherapy sessions with Julie Turner, I can honestly say

that she is helping me enormously through a difficult time in my life. My stress level

has come down and I am feeling so much freer. Julie is thoughtful, kind and gentle. I

would recommend her to anyone seeking answers to ongoing and unresolved

personal issues. Thank you Julie for being such an amazing healer. You have a gift

that will help many. ~ Susan Woodward
I highly recommend Julie in all her services. She is well knowledge and takes great pride and satisfaction in her work. She will not disappoint!

Gary B.

Angela M.

    Regional Manager
Account Executive
We hired Julie for our retail manager's meeting and was very impressed with her fresh insight and professionalism.  In just one hour she went over the sales process with some new and outside the box techniques and our managers really got a lot out of it.  A lot of the things may have seemed self-explanatory or that we already knew, but she explained them in such a way that made them practical and different.
She made us think differently about our processes, think differently about how we interact with our customers, different ways of engaging the customers, thinking about the customer, communicating with the customer, and we’re really excited about putting those in place. We are looking forward to working with Julie again.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Julie for over eight years. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, ambition, and dedication to providing a stellar experience to each and every client. Julie's energy and enthusiasm is both contagious and inspiring. She continually goes above and beyond in each business transaction.

Jeff M.


When I first started working with Julie, I knew there was a relationship in my life that I needed to work on. I was at a lose as to how. That was the relationship with myself.
After 8 sessions I am now aware of how I was getting in my own way.
The work we have done has reduced my anxiety and left me feeling confident and quietly powerful as I work to change my life for the better.
The best part is I now know that I am able to do what I need to get where I want to be.

Thank you Julie for helping me improve how I experience my life.

Marilyn M.

Julie is an exception in her field as she not only looks the part she is extremely personable, caring and a fun person to be with! Knowledge beyond her years in many aspects of life!